Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why the hostility?

Recently, a friend invited me to join him and a few other friends to meet weekly to discuss the "state of The Church" in our county. In a nutshell, we're each wanting to see The Church grow in our county. I don't mean church attendance, or more religious people - but new people relating to God through the sacrifice of his son Jesus.

One of the things we've been discussing is a desire to see the local church assemble together to worship, relate to one another, and also to strive together to permeate our area with the pleasant aroma of Jesus. You would think this should be something people want to do, but actually, many people don't get excited at the idea of being in unity!

We've discussed all sorts of reasons why people don't want to come together in the above manner. But I want to hear from others too. What are some reasons you think people/local churches aren't interested in coming together?

Please post your ideas or comments! I'd live to hear them.

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Teresa McCloskey said...

I think churches tend to be protective of what they have built up in terms of membership. I'm sure that all churches continually face financial challenges in terms of running their church, so every single member represents income in some way or another (whether in what they do to volunteer at a church supper or what they actually give in the collection plate each Sunday). That being said, I have to think that any reluctance you encounter would be related to the fear of losing members.

I fully appreciate and can see the beauty of unity in one body of Christ, and I think the idea of all churches working together to show Christian fellowship and unity at it's best is a worthy goal. I think that the fear of 'mixing it up' either smacks of change (something this area is NOT big on) or targets the fear that perhaps members of one church will be drawn into a different church. While deep down, any pastor would be happy to know members of his flock are receiving spiritual guidance and enjoying fellowship, the business-end of a church (and the human side of a pastor) means they would much rather have that warm body in their own church than someone else's.

Just my 2 cents. :)