Monday, May 18, 2009

Is your theology idolatry?

I've got this friend whom I see occasionally who always seems to bring every conversation around to a specific theological/doctrinal issue. Heck, he skips the small talk even and just jumps right in to the issue on his mind. It's just that it's the same issue all the time! It's funny to me that people who seem to love this particular doctrine frequently seem to do the same thing. Some of you will rightly guess what doctrine I am speaking of simply by your common experience (feel free to post your guesses in the comments)!

I guess some would just call this obsessive, and I would agree that it is. But what's the difference between obsessions and idolatry? Isn't idolatry just when we obsess over or fill our mind with things other than the God of the universe? Isn't it when we've allowed an idea to fill our minds to the point that no other thoughts can dislodge our attention on these things?

If that is the case, then can't our theology become idolatry? I think the answer might be yes! Now, don't get my wrong, I am not advocating (as some do) abstinence from theological thought or doctrinal study. However, when our theology become something we adore, we're in the wrongful territory of idolatry.

In my own life, I am coming to the conclusion that true life is found only in an uninterrupted obsession with Jesus. That might sound crazy, but if we're obsessed with him to the point of focusing all our thoughts and attentions on him, then we're in the right where God designed us to be. That's what being the Alpha and Omega is all about in my opinion.

So, by God's grace, perhaps we'll all lay down our idols and start obsessing over Jesus rather than our pet doctrines and theologies. Maybe if we do that, we'll actually see the life of Jesus manifested in our lives, and his will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

What are your thoughts?

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jrust said...

i totally agree with you... we often mask our pet doctrines as a deeper fellowship with Christ... but if it is in competition with the fellowship with his body... how is that fellowship with Christ?? (i'm speaking from experience here) meekness and humility are a depth of fellowship that few choose to mine.
p.s.... love your comment on viola's blog about how thankfulness changes the landscape... brilliant!!